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January 2015 Newsletter from Shirley Coomer

January 2015 Newsletter from Shirley Coomer


Home Equity Grows During the Third Quarter
By Josh Miller

According to NAHB tabulations of the third quarter Federal Reserve Flow of Funds, the real estate equity position of U.S. households (the difference between assets and liabilities) increased nearly 1.6% for the quarter.

The market value of real estate held by U.S. households increased $180 billion dollars during the quarter, while liabilities (home mortgages) remained virtually unchanged. The value household-owned real estate, including owner-occupied and second homes, totaled $20.4 trillion for the quarter. Total home mortgage debt outstanding stands at $9.4 trillion.

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What Real Estate Trends to Expect in 2015
By Susan Johnston

As housing recovers, prices in many markets across the U.S. have shot up. In fact, RealtyTrac reported that the median sale price of U.S. single-family homes and condos in October had reached its highest level since September 2008. Price appreciation and the lure of foreclosures created a feeding frenzy for real estate investors willing to pay cash and made it harder for traditional buyers to compete.

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Changes Pave the Way for More First-Time Buyers in 2015
By Jonathan Smoke

Even as the housing market gets back on track, the numbers of first-time buyers continue to disappoint. This is strongly associated with the tight credit requirements facing would-be buyers. Recent important government policy changes and the introduction of new low down-payment programs, however, should set the stage for increased first-time buyer activity in 2015.

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This Month’s Listing
1731 West Cathedral Rock Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85045
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The 6 Biggest Bathroom Trends Of  2015 Are What We’ve Been Waiting For
By Samantha Toscano

This year, the kitchen as we know it completely changed. Shelving opened up, cabinets went darker and metallic accents moved well beyond cabinet knobs. But come 2015, we can expect to see a major overhaul in a different room of the house — the bathroom.

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Phoenix named hot housing market to watch in 2015
By Catherine Reagor

Metro Phoenix is one of the U.S.’s “10 hottest housing markets to watch in 2015,” according to a new report.

The real estate website’s chief economist, Jonathan Smoke, said Phoenix’s potential for income growth and new-home construction landed it on the list.

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How Arizona has become a worldwide leader in bioscience
By Francine Hardaway

Every time I go to an event, I learn something I didn’t know. Lately, in Arizona it’s usually something about bioscience, because health care and bioscience are where the action is nationwide.

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8 Things
People Say Their Homes
Don’t Have

The majority of Americans say they are living in less-than-ideal housing and neighborhoods. The Demand Institute recently polled more than 10,000 households — both renters and home owners — across income levels to find their top unfulfilled housing needs and desires.

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Phoenix had largest decline in foreclosures among big US cities
By Mike Sunnucks

Phoenix had the steepest decline in foreclosures in November compared to a year ago among the largest U.S. metro areas, according to a new report.

Foreclosures decreased 38 percent in Phoenix in November versus November 2013, accordnig to RealtyTrac, a real estate research firm.

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Phoenix Events – January

January is considered high season in Greater Phoenix, with many activities — both indoors and outdoors — and moderate daytime temperatures.

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Each Keller Williams Office is independently owned and operated.
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