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Mountain Park Ranch HOA Fees Phoenix, Arizona

Mountain Park Ranch HOA Fees Arizona

The Mountain Park Ranch home owner’s association (HOA) in the City of Phoenix (Ahwatukee) has HOA fees which are among the lowest in the valley.  The Mountain Park Ranch HOA Fees in Arizona are amazingly low.  This community has incredible amenities.  Below are questions often asked about HOAs throughout the greater Phoenix area.

Here you will find answers about the Mountain Park Ranch HOA. You will also find commonly asked questions about how HOAs work in various communities.  This community covers 2700 acres and includes 9 sub-communities.

There are more than 7000 members of the Mountain Park Ranch HOA. This blog will answer most questions about Mountain Park Ranch HOA fees and more.  Mountain Park Ranch HOA Fees Arizona will help you understand how HOAs work.

#1 What is a HOA?

A  HOA is a Home Owner’s Association.  It is a legal entity in a planned development community.   All homeowners living within the community are members of the HOA.

#2 What is the purpose of a HOA?

The HOA manages common area maintenance within a planned community.  A Home Owner’s Association’s job is to make sure all community members follow the rules of the community called Covenant, Conditions & Restrictions (CCRs). The  HOA can include single-family homes or a condo community.  Also, this could be a townhouse/condo community or even a highrise building. Homeowners must join that community’s HOA.  Homeowners must pay the required HOA fees when they buy a home in that community.

  Mountain Park Ranch HOA Fees Arizona

#3 What are HOA fees used for?

Fees are used for a variety of services.   Some services are as follows:

  • Conduct periodic community meetings to keep the members current on the HOA business
  • Collect the HOA fees from the members and give the financial accounting to the members
  • Publish an annual budget, keep up financial records on collected funds, document use of funds
  • Ensure the HOA maintains the required financial reserves
  • Hire and manage landscapers, pool maintenance or other services to keep up the community
  • Drive-by homes periodically to make sure the CCRs are being followed. Send notices of violations to homeowners and levy fines for violations.
  • Hold public meetings for homeowners to communicate what is going on in the community, initiatives, and hear concerns from homeowners.
  • Manage the architectural review committee to approve proposed homeowner architectural changes to homes.

#4 Who manages a HOA?

The homeowner’s association will typically have a board of directors made up of the members of the community.  Homeowners are the voice of the HOA. Some homeowner associations are professionally managed.  However, some communities choose to be self-managed.  The Office for the Mountain Park Ranch HOA is located at:

15425 S 40th Pl., Suite 4 Phoenix, AZ 85044 Office Hours: Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 4:00 pm

?‍♀️  Where are the Mountain Park Community Pools Located?

  First, where are the Mountain Park Ranch Community Pools located?  See the locations on the Google map.  These are conveniently located throughout the Mountain Park Community.  Access to the community pools is limited to residents of Moutain Park Ranch. A FOB is needed to access any of the pool areas.  FOBs should be provided to home buyers by the previous homeowner or landlord  If you do not have a FOB or need a replacement, one can be purchased at the HOA office located at 15425 S 40th Pl., Suite 4, Phoenix.  Office Hours are  Monday – Friday,  7:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Three Locations:

15216 S. Ranch Circle Dr. Heated Pool Hours: 7 Days a week 6:00 am – 10:00 pm 3939 N Ranch Circle Hours: 7 Days a week 8:00 am – 10:00 pm 2578 E. Thunderhill Place Hours: 7 Days a week 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

#5 What Amenities Can I Expect at my Community Pool?

Residents of the Mountain Park Ranch HOA enjoy three community pools.  Additionally, there is a heated pool, at 15216 S. Ranch Circle Dr. In addition to the community pool, you will find recently resurfaced tennis courts, a basketball court, and a sand volleyball court.  Also, residents can also enjoy a picnic area complete with a grill to enhance their outing. You will also find Jr. Olympic pools, kiddie pools, and hot tubs. Mountain Park Ranch HOA Fees ArizonaHeated pool at Mountain Park Ranch HOA


#6 Are there other amenities other than a community pool?

Yes, Mountain Park Ranch also has recently resurfaced tennis courts.  You will also find children’s play areas and many green spaces for walking or playing.  You will also find playgrounds, pickleball, volleyball, basketball, miles of hiking trails, and water fountains.  The community also includes greenbelts, professional landscaping, and more! Mountain Park Ranch HOA Fees Phoenix, Arizona                 ?   Vista Canyon Park provides more recreational amenities for residences of Mountain Park Ranch.  Here you find baseball diamonds, basketball courts, volleyball courts, soccer fields, and a playground. visitors will also find park space for other outdoor activities, including picnics. Also located within Mountain Park Ranch is Sun Ray Park.  This is a favorite gathering spot with two baseball diamonds. You will often see organized youth sports being played on these fields.

#7 HOA Management Companies in Phoenix

A community may choose to self-manage their HOA or hire a professional management company.  Additionally, smaller communities may choose to self-manage and choose local homeowners to the board.  If, there were only 25 – 50 homeowners, the cost of hiring professional management could overwhelm the community. When communities decide to hire a professional management company, the homeowners would vote to hire this service.  Additionally, a professional management company can take over many day-to-day processes.  HOA management companies typically invoice and collect for HOA dues.  Other services may include scheduling and hiring of maintenance services.  Additional services may include providing CCRs to new homers, handle the administration requirements when homes sell in the community. For more information on top HOA Management companies, The Phoenix Business Journal published a list of the Top 10 HOA Management companies in Phoenix, Az as determined in November 2016.

☂️ What is the Average Rainfall for the Phoenix area which includes Ahwatukee?

Average Rainfall for Phoenix, Arizona

Month Precipitation
Jan 0.83in.
Feb 0.77in.
Mar 1.07in.
Apr 0.25in.
May 0.16in.
Jun 0.09in.
Jul 0.99in.
Aug 0.94in.
Sept 0.75in.
Oct 0.79in.
Nov 0.73in.
Dec 0.92in.

The driest month in Phoenix is June with 0.09 inches of precipitation, and with 1.07 inches March is the wettest month.

Where is Mountain Park Ranch Located?

#8 How much is the Mountain Park Ranch HOA Fee?

The Home Owner Association (HOA) fee in Mountain Park Ranch is $25 per month.  Additionally, this is one of the lowest HOA fees in the Phoenix area with the most amenities. Also, many homeowners pay much more for their HOA fees which may only include common area maintenance!

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#9 How Much Are HOA Fees?

Homeowner fees are determined by the governing board of the HOA, which is made up of the homeowners.  Also, fees can vary from a couple of dollars to hundreds of dollars.  Additionally, the fees will vary, depending on what common areas are to be maintained.  For instance, communities with community pools, clubhouses, gated areas, etc. may charge accordingly.  Homeowners in condo or townhouse communities may pay more than single-family homes.  Additionally, these communities may cover exterior maintenance, roof maintenance, pest control, water, or trash services.  The fees should reflect the support and services provided to the communities.tionall

❓  How Do I Avoid HOA Fees?

The only way to avoid HOA fees is to buy your home in a community that does not have HOA Fees. When purchasing a home, one of the documents buyers sign is an agreement to follow the rules of that particular HOA.  The HOA fees and rules go hand in hand to maintain a community (and your home value).

❓ Do I have to pay HOA fees?

Again, when you purchase your home in a community with a HOA, you must agree to pay your HOA payments and follow the rules.  There are many communities that do not have a HOA. Look for a home that does not have a HOA.

#10 About the Community

When I first moved into the Mountain Park Ranch Community, I could not believe how little I had to pay for my HOA Fees considering all the amenities!  This is especially relevant because this planned community has approximately 2650 acres.  Additionally, it has 3 community centers. HOA fees cover the 3 swimming pools, spas, tennis courts, volleyball, picnic areas, and kids play areas. One of the swimming pools is heated!  This community also has many beautiful common areas for homeowners to enjoy.  With all that, the semi-annual fee now is only $150. WOW button1

#11 Where is Mountain Park Ranch?

Mountain Park Ranch is located in the  South East Valley of the city of Phoenix.   Also, this area of Phoenix is called Ahwatukee by local residences. Ahwatukee is one of 15 villages within the city of Phoenix. Additionally, this area is immediately south of the South Mountain Park and west of I-10.  This area extends on the south to Pecos Rd, soon to be part of the South Mountain 202 Freeway.  Below is the map courtesy of the Life in Ahwatukee website showing where Mountain park ranch sits in relation to the entire  Ahwatukee area. The Mountain Park Ranch planned community is located around Chandler Blvd and Ray road,  west of Interstate 10 and just south of South Mountain. Typically as you drive through the area you will see the mountain views and rolling hill landscape. Additionally, there are many common areas that the Mountain Park HOA does a great job of taking care of for this low fee. If you are selling your house you may also be interested in reading about What Buyers Realy Want when visiting your house.

?️ What are the Average Temperatures in the Phoenix Metro area which Include Ahwatukee?

Month Low High
Jan 43.4°F 65.0°F
Feb 47.0°F 69.4°F
Mar 51.1°F 74.3°F
Apr 57.5°F 83.0°F
May 66.3°F 91.9°F
Jun 75.2°F 102.0°F
Jul 81.4°F 104.2°F
Aug 80.4°F 102.4°F
Sept 74.5°F 97.4°F
Oct 62.9°F 86.4°F
Nov 50.0°F 73.3°F
Dec 43.5°F 65.0°F

Phoenix’s coldest month is January when the average temperature overnight is 43.4°F. In July, the warmest month, the average day time temperature rises to 104.2°F.

#12 Do I need HOA Permission to Paint my House?

Homeowners in Mountain Park Ranch need to get permission from the HOA to paint their homes.  Additionally, permission is required even if the homeowner wants to repaint the same color.  However, acceptable paint colors can be viewed at the Dunn Edwards website. In addition, colors may change from time to time, so it is best to confirm your desired color is still approved.  The HOA recommends actually going into a store to view the colors.  Typically, colors may seem different on different devices, ie phones, IPADS, or computers.  For more information on paint colors and acceptable exterior changes CLICK HERE.

Map of Mountain Park Ranch

Mountain Park Ranch HOA Fees Arizona

#13 Get more information about Mountain Park Ranch HOA

I have attached the link to the Mountain Park HOA website so you can get a copy of the CC&R’s, HOA rules, Bylaws.  Also, you will see the location of the Churches, Schools, and Businesses in the area.  Additionally, take a moment to visit the  Frequently asked Q & A section. Please explore this website if you are interested in the area, it is very extensive.

#14 Sub-Associations within Mountain Park Ranch

Within the Mountain Park Ranch Community, there are 9 sub-associations.  These communities may have an additional HOA fee for upkeep and, gates and roads.  These communities include: Canyon Reserve – Single-Family Homes – Gated Diamond Ridge I – Single-Family Homes – Gated Diamond Ridge II – Single-Family Homes – Gated Keystone – Single-Family Homes – Not Gated Mountain Canyon Condominiums – Not Gated The Estates at the Ranch – Single Family Homes – Gated The Landings – Single-Family Homes – Not Gated The Terraces at Mountain Park Ranch   – Townhouses – Not Gated The Townes at Mountain Park Ranch    –  Townhouses – Not Gated

Mountain Park Ranch HOA Fees Arizona#15 What does a buyer need to know about a HOA?

When a buyer in Arizona submits a purchase offer on a property with a HOA, the title company will request the HOA send to the buyer a copy of the CCRs for the community.  The buyer should carefully read all the covenants, conditions, and restrictions. Buyers need to understand the expectations of the HOA. Buyers should consider the monthly cost.  A homeowner pays this fee separately from a mortgage payment.  Also, are there color pallets to adhere to when painting a house?  Are there specific landscape restrictions to follow for the property?  For example, does the community only allow desert landscaping, are there a specific number of bushes required?  Are you permitted to park in the driveway or park on the street overnight?  Are residents permitted to put up a garden shed on the side or back of the house?  If so, what size restrictions do they need to be aware of to stay in compliance with the CCRs?

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#16 HOA Transfer Fees and Other Buyer paid Fees

HOA Transfer Fees – When a home is sold, the HOA will charge a fee to transfer the HOA records from the seller to the buyer.  This is called the HOA Transfer Fee.  This can range from $0 -$500.  The HOA determines the fee.  However, the buyer and seller negotiate who pays for it.  Often, they split the fee 50/50. In Arizona, this fee is noted on the HOA addendum which is part of the purchase contract.   The HOA charges this as an administrative fee. If there is more than one home owner’s association for the property, there may be multiple transfer fees.

HOA Disclosure Fees

– Arizona lawmakers have passed legislation limiting this fee to a maximum of $400.00.   Sellers are required by state law to pay this fee. The HOA charges this fee to send the buyer the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions  (CCRs) of the community.   Additionally, buyers need to understand the community rules for anyone living in the community.  In Arizona, a buyer has five days from receipt of these documents to cancel the purchase contract if they feel they can not live by these rules.  Also, these documents contain the financial package for the community.  Buyers want to understand the financial health of the community.  The HOA must disclose whether there is pending litigation against the HOA.  Additionally, they must disclose the financials, showing capital reserves.  Also, any pending approved capital improvement fees must be disclosed.

#17 Capital Improvement Fees

HOA Capital Improvement Fees –  A capital improvement fee may be assessed on buyers at the time of purchase.  In Arizona, we typically see this fee in adult communities.  These often have community pools, clubhouses, recreation centers, and often gated areas to maintain.   However, buyers typically pay this fee as they will benefit from these services while they live in the property.  Also, this fee can be negotiated, but typically it is paid for by the buyer. Additionally, we do see capital improvement fees in other communities that are not adult restricted.  Also, in communities where exterior and roof maintenance are handled by the HOA, funds may be needed for major roof repairs, clubhouse or pool renovations. Therefore, a capital improvement fee may be charged to new home buyers to add additional funds for maintenance.

Mountain Park Ranch HOA Fees Arizona

#18 Do You have to pay HOA Fees?

Do I have to pay my HOA fees?  The short answer is YES!. When you buy a home within a home owner’s association,  you are agreeing to the fees and rules within that community.  You are responsible for paying fees If you live in a house, condo, or townhouse that is part of a Home Owner’s Association. Additionally, you are also responsible for any assessments levied by the HOA. The HOA could vote to add fees after you move into your new home.  

#19 Do You Have to Pay HOA Attorney Fees?

When the HOA has to retain an attorney to take action against a homeowner, the homeowner will typically pay this expense.  This could arise from an owner not paying HOA Dues.  Additionally, a homeowner could be assessed for late HOA fees, fines, and attorney fees.  These are usually none negotiable fees.  The association will seek to recover from the homeowner typically.

#21 How are HOA Fees Calculated?

How HOA fees are calculated may vary by individual association.  Typically, the HOA management board would put together a budget of expenses.  Additionally, this budget would take into account the cost to maintain the common areas within the community.   This maintenance would include the care of common areas, shared facilities such as community pools, clubhouse, gated areas, etc. The HOA  board determines how much money needed for routine maintenance.  In addition, they also ensure there are enough funds in the finance reserve account.  Once the total budget completed, it is then spread fairly among the community.  Most HOAs charge each household the same amount.  In some condo or townhouse communities, the fees may be based on the square footage of each unit.


#22 Are HOA Fees Tax Deductible?

HOA fees are not typically tax-deductible.  But as always, for tax advice, consult your tax accountant.  There are situations where you may be able to use a portion of your HOA fees as a tax deduction.  A couple of examples are an investment property or a  home office.  A tax accountant can look at a specific tax payer’s situation and provide appropriate advice for the homeowner as it pertains to state and federal law.

#24 What if I don’t like the HOA rules?

The title company sends a request to the Home Owner’s Association for the CCRs to be sent to the buyer once the escrow is opened.   Additionally, the HOA has ten days to provide the CCRs to the buyer.  There is no way to know exactly when the CCRs will be sent to the buyer. However, the buyer has 5 days from the “receipt” of the documents to decide to cancel the purchase contract. Buyers should review the CCRs to ensure they are comfortable with the rules of the community.  The CCRs may be sent in the form of a written document, a CD, a link to a website, or an electronic copy.

#25 What are Typical HOA Fines?

HOA  fines can vary, depending on a specific association.  HOAs want a fine to catch the attention of the homeowner so they don’t repeat the violation.   Also, they also don’t want the fine so excessive that it is a usurious fine or unreasonable given the violation.  The fine should fit the violation. Repeated similar violations may be met with increasing fines.  If a homeowner is fined for excessive weeds in the yard, the HOA just wants the owner to take care of the weeds.   Additionally, the association fines aren’t intended to raise revenue. These should catch the attention of homeowners and get them to comply with the CCRs of the community. Many HOAs will issue a warning letter first to make the homeowner aware of the violation.  Fines are typically the result of the how seller’s lack of response to the warning letter.

#26 What if my HOA fines me for a violation?

If you receive a notice of a violation from your HOA, check your CCRs for the process to appeal the violation.  You likely have one of three arguments:

  • The notice of violation is incorrect. I didn’t violate any written rules in the CCRs.
  • The violation is invalid because the HOA didn’t follow the guidelines laid out in the CCRS.
  • The violation is not valid because the HOA is acting in a  discriminatory manner, citing some homeowners for something while not citing others for the same action.

Follow up with your HOA to check out the above three situations and calmly address the issue.

#27 Can there be more than one HOA for my house at Mountain Park Ranch?

Can there be more than one HOA for a community?  The answer is yes.  There are communities within communities.  There are master-planned communities, such as Ahwatukee’s Mountain Park Ranch. Within this greater community, you have townhouse communities with their own sub-community.  Additionally,  there are gated communities, which will not only have the gated entrance, there may be a community park or community pool within the gated community. The secondary HOA will maintain community amenities within the specific community.

#28 How much can HOA Fees Increase?

In Arizona, there is not a set amount HOAs are required to consider if they want to increase HOA dues.  The management board on an HOA will try to keep fees as low as possible. Additionally,  the board is made up of homeowners in the community.  Typically, they don’t want to pay increased fees if it is not necessary. A board will usually increase fees when there is an increase in maintaining the community that exceeds the revenue collected from monthly HOA fees. Typically this could be for expenses for a clubhouse or community pool increase.  The board would be expected to get bids from other companies to keep expenses down. HOAs can increase revenue through a one-time capital improvement fee to all homeowners.  This expense may be due to modernizing a community pool, paving roads within a gated HOA where the does not maintain the roads.  In a condo community, this could be for roof replacement.  Some communities charge a one-time capital improvement fee to new home buyers.  This fee helps with ongoing maintenance expenses.

#29 How Can I Change the HOA rules or Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions (CCRs) for my community?

You can make changes by attending board meetings.   Homeowners should consider running for election to their HOA board of directors. The Homeowner associations are just that, members of the collective homeowners in that community.  And, remember, the owners are the voice of the community.  The homeowners are the HOA. Homeowners should attend the meetings to voice their opinion. Also, vote on issues brought before the board.  In addition, tell them what is wrong and share with them what is working well.  If you don’t like something, seek to make it better. Being a board member of an HOA is not an easy task and is usually an unpaid position.

Buying a home in a community without an HOA is appealing to many buyers.  Some homeowners do not what anyone dictating where they park or how they maintain their homes.

#30 Should I buy a home in a community that does not have a HOA?

Not having an association isn’t necessarily an invitation to park a truck on your front yard or paint your house with purple stripes.  However, buyers need to drive through a neighborhood and see how homes are maintained. What does the landscape look like?  How are the homes maintained?  Additionally,  homeowners may want to decide what type of landscaping they have in their yard.  Also, some homeowners do not want anyone reminding them to take their trash can in. Buyers may want to have a truck parked on the street or an RV beside their home. Some communities without an HOA look just as neat as the communities with HOAs.   Just because there is an HOA, it doesn’t mean that the CCRs are well enforced.  Look at the overall community and the pride of ownership.

#31 Will buying a home within a HOA help my Home Value?

Communities with HOAs typically have a consistent color palette for homes (no purple homes here).  Also, the landscape is required to be well maintained. Yards must conform to standards outlined in the CCRs. As a member of a community with a HOA, homeowners expect to see all homes and yards well maintained.  Additionally, the common area maintenance within the community should reflect the pride of ownership.  For many buyers, living in a community with a community pool is an important factor in choosing where to live.  Therefore, owners may appreciate the availability of a convenient community pool without the expense and maintenance of a pool in their backyard.  Also, from a safety perspective, having access to a community pool is important for buyers who do not want a pool in their backyard.

Buyers Visit Many Communities  Mountain Park Ranch HOA Fees Arizona

As prospective homebuyers drive through a neighborhood, the appearance of the homes is an important factor in deciding where to live. Also, buyers want to see well-maintained yards and common areas. Additionally, communities with poorly maintained yards are a turn-off to buyers. No matter how nice a home may be on the inside or how well a particular home appears from the outside, the community could be a turn-off.  In addition, the overall feel of the community is as important to buyers at a house’s curb appeal. Also, the appearance of the community is often a deciding factor.

#32 Can I have a flagpole in Mountain Park Ranch?

Mountain Park Ranch HOA permits residents to have a Flagpole on their property.  Flagpoles can be no more than 13 feet high from the ground up.  The HOA would prefer a flagpole to be attached to the house (or garage) itself. In addition to the American flag, homes may fly the following flags: U.S Army Flag, United States Navy flag, United States Air Force Flag or the United States Marine Corps flag.  Also permitted are the U.S. Coast Guard Flag, MIA/POW flags, State of Arizona, and Arizona Indian Nations flag.  For all HOA Flagpole rules  CLICK HERE

#33 How do I get access to the Community Pool?

Sellers transfer pool fobs to buyers. House keys, pools fobs, and garage door openers are usually left in the house for the new owners.  However, If your seller doesn’t provide a Fob or key, you will need to pay $25 for a replacement.  Also, one pool Fob is available for each home.  Additionally, if you have the original pool key, that can be exchanged for a pool fob. This also works for the tennis courts. You can purchase keys at the HOA offices located at 15425 S 40th Place, Suite #4, Phoenix, Az  85048.  Mountain Park Ranch HOA Fees Arizona

#34 Frequently Called Phone Numbers for Mountain Park Ranch HOA in Arizona

Below are phone numbers in Phoenix or Maricopa county that are helpful for those moving to Mountain Park Ranch. Electric Services – SRP  (602) 236-8888. (available 24 hours a day, seven days a week) City of Phoenix – Water / Trash / Sewer   602-262-6251 City of Phoenix – Trash Collection Schedule   602-262-7251 Gas  – Southwest Gas  1 (877) 860-6020 Planning & Zoning   602-262-7131 Contractor Licensing   602-542-1525 Parks and Recreation  602-262-1111 Maricopa County Health Dept – Animal control   602-06-7387

?️ What are Fees when Buying and Selling Homes in Mountain Park Ranch HOA?

Are you considering purchasing or selling a home located in Mountain Park Ranch?  There is a master plan community and 9 sub-communities in Mountain Prak Ranch.  The following is for the Mountain Park Ranch Master Community.  Each sub-community may have additional fees, so check with your subcommunity to ensure you understand all fees. What HOA specific costs should you expect to pay? Resale Disclosure Fee – $150. – This is a fee the seller will pay for the HOA to send the buyer the CCRs of the community. Sellers in Arizona are required to pay this fee. Transfer Fee – $150 – This fee is charged to cover administrative costs to change records from the seller to the buyer.  This fee can be paid by the buyer, seller, or split.  On the Arizona Association of Realtors’ resale purchase documents, the Home Owners Association (HOA) Addendum allows the buyer and seller to negotiate who will pay this fee. Semi-annual Assessment (January 1 & July 1)  This is the home owner’s payment to the HOA.  The $150 ($25 per month) is assessed twice a year. If a seller has already paid their HOA fees, they will receive a credit from the buyer at closing.  Should homeowners be late on paying the HOA fee, a 10% penalty is charged.

Swimming Pool Keys

Each homeowner has keys to access the community pools,  Keys are to be transferred from seller to buyer at the time the property is sold and only one key is issued per household. Pools and tennis courts require an electronic fob for access.  Lost or replacement keys can be purchased at the business office for $25 each, cash or check.

In Summary

Home Owner Associations can add value to homeownership.  Additionally, they ensure all homes in the community are well maintained.  For many, a home owner’s association that maintains community areas such as a community pool, common areas, and clubhouse adds to their quality of life.  Some homeowners prefer life without another entity telling them how to maintain their property.  Whether you live in a community with a home owner’s association, the choice is yours.  Homebuyers need to carefully read the CCRs of the community. Read before you buy!  Ensure you are comfortable living with the community rules.

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Mountain Park Ranch HOA Fees Arizona Mountain Park Ranch HOA Fees Arizona

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