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Salvation Army – Real Estate Wednesdays

Salvation Army – Real Estate Wednesdays



We have all seen the Salvation Army bell ringers in front of stores during the holidays.  And yes, it is easy to avoid eye contact and head into the store to avoid giving to the little red bucket.  And when we exit we again focus on avoiding eye contact.  We head to our cars for the next stop on this holiday merry-go-round we are all on.  So much to do, so little time, and we have limited funds to give.

Why Ring The Bell?
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As a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty in Ahwatukee, I signed up for a shift ringing the bell for the Salvation Army one afternoon and was amazed at the generosity of people passing by.  Some stopped and put in $20, some a $5 and some added change.  Some gave their children money to put in and they would take turns putting money in the Red Kettle that has come to symbolize collecting money for the Salvation Army.

So, with all the charities asking for donations, why give to the Salvation Army? Who do they really help? Why should they be considered for a donation when there are so many other worthy organizations out there?

Salvation Army in Our Community

As the many people contributing on Wednesday mentioned, they or their families have benefited from this organization.  Some many, many years ago mentioned the depression, some had more recent experiences.  This is an organization that doesn’t judge those in need.  There are many programs supported by the Salvation Army. They include; Adult Rehabilitation, Emergency Disaster programs, Homeless services, Senior centers, Youth programs, and the Salvation Army Thrift stores.

The Salvation Army is here to meet the metal, physical and spiritual needs of the community.  Worship services are conducted at several of the Salvation Army locations around the valley.  These centers offer counseling, youth participation in sports, education, and music.  Members of the community are helped from infants to the elderly.  Often this charity is what keeps families together and provides the spiritual glue to hold families together in uncertain times. Some benefit from one program or service while other benefits long term.

Giving Back to Our Comunity

The people giving to the little red kettle last Monday helped from the Salvation Army in many cities across the country.  Many were happy to give and mentioned they also had mailed in a donation or given at other locations as well. Some experienced youth sports programs.  Others were grateful for a meal and shelter during difficult times. Many knew people who directly benefitted from the Salvation Army.

We all need to give back to the communities. There are many ways to do this.  Many of us give to our churches and schools.  As with all charitable giving, we need to be sure that the organization we are giving to, truly benefits the community in a meaningful way.  The Salvation Army has stood the test of time.  They are meeting the need of people who never thought they would need help.  Those who have been through hurricanes, floods, and tornados have found their days and lives turned upside down as a natural disaster has struck.  There is no way to plan for nature’s wrath.

The Beginning of Real Estate Wednesdays

Real Estate Wednesdays are spearheaded by Joanne & Joseph Callaway.  They learned of a great need for Bell Ringers on Wednesdays. This is a day when the Salvation Army had difficulty providing Bell Ringers for many locations. Also, I was unaware that the Salvation Army often has to pay for bell ringers. There is often a shortage of volunteers to ring the bell.  The Callaways reached out to other Realtors in the community to fill this void and give back to the community. they also reached out to lenders and title companies. As realtors, we help build communities, help families make the American dream of home ownership and building community.

All Realtors I know who have participated in Real Estate Wednesdays have been appreciative of the opportunity to give back to the community through this organization and humbled by the experience.  For more information on Real Estate Wednesdays click on the attached link to the Salvation Army Real Estate website.

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