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14 Tips To Sell A House Fast in Phoenix

Of course, everyone wants to sell their house fast and for top dollar. However, how many homeowners are willing to do what it takes? Here are 14 Tips To Sell A House Fast in Phoenix



Here are 14 proven tips that can help sell a house fast.

#1 Clean, clean, clean

That said, clean not only the floors and countertops. Have the windows professionally cleaned. Remove any sunscreens and leave them off to make the house light and bright. Clean the tracks of the sliding patio doors.

Ensure all cabinet doors are clean, no one likes to open a cabinet and feel the grease or grit you left behind. If you have a 2 story home, look down the stairs at plant shelves, tops of cabinets, etc. Clean the baseboards, raised panel doors, window sills, switch plates, and outlet covers (replace any cracked or damaged switch plates and outlet covers).

Don’t forget to clean the ceiling fans and air vents. Consider a professional cleaner who is trained to “deep clean” your home.

#2 Should I Price it right from the start to Sell Your House Fast in Phoenix?


Homes that are priced right will sell for more money than homes that are overpriced when first on the market, then experience a price reduction. Look at comps carefully with a professional Realtor, look at recent sales of comparable properties before deciding on a price.

Buyers today are looking at the market and work with an agent who will educate them on home values with the amenities they are looking for. Buyers have choices and in this market will not overpay for your house. There are three prices for homes. The price the seller wants, the price the buyer is willing to pay, and the value placed on the home by the appraisal. Buyers are unwilling to pay for a home inspection and an appraisal when they know the house is overpriced to start with.

Selling a home with great curb appeal

#3. Is Curb Appeal important to Sell My House Fast in Phoenix?

Walk to the street in front of your house. What do you see? This is the first view prospective buyers will have to your home as they drive up. Does it look well maintained? Are the lights by the garage and front door clean, clear of cobwebs, and dust with a working light bulb?

Buyers want to see a mowed lawn with all the edging and trimming looking great. Are any trees or bushes nicely trimmed?

No one wants to fight their way to the front of your house ducking bushes and tree branches. Buyers don’t want to see weeds in the cracks of the sidewalk or elsewhere in the yard. Consider a nice pot of fresh and colorful flowers by the front door.

Is the front door freshly painted or refinished so it is inviting with new or shining hardware? As buyers come to the front door with their Realtor, they often have to wait while the key is retrieved from the Realtor lockbox, which may be on the front door or on a hose bib at the side of the house.

This gives buyers a few minutes to take in the front door and the surrounding area. Is there any trim at the front door in need of a fresh coat of paint?

Ensure the potential buyer sees the great upkeep as they approach the front door so they enter your house expecting the same level of care and upkeeping inside. A messy exterior often is reflected in a messy interior. Consider power washing your driveway and sidewalks. Place a nice Welcome mat at your front door.

#4 Should I Hire a professional photographer to Sell My House Fast in Phoenix?

Today we know over 95% of buyers (or their friends and families) start their home search on the internet. Buyers are used to looking through many listings as they decide where they want to live, what homes are listed for that meet their criteria, ie pool, one story, two stories, large lot, open floor plan, etc. Buyers have a short attention span and will move quickly through all the homes they see online. Sloppy or fuzzy pictures will get skipped over. If buyers can’t get a sense of the layout and dimensions of a room, they will quickly move on. If the pictures appear as tiny thumbnail photos and are hard to see, the buyers will move on.

14 Tips To Sell A House Fast in Phoenix

#5  Do I Need to Declutter my House to Sell My House Fast in Phoenix?

The house you live in is not the house you put on the market. You are planning to move, so get serious about cleaning out things you haven’t used for years. Take this decluttering exercise as an opportunity to give items to family and friends, donate to charities, or mark as trash.

Closets should appear spacious, reduce the number of linens in a closet so buyers see your closets as roomy. If you are cramming the closets full, buyers think the house does not have enough storage.

Clean out closets, box up extra items you are going to keep and put them in the garage, or rent a storage locker. Remove most if not all rugs from the floors so buyers have a feeling of open spaces.


#6  Should I Depersonalize my house to Sell My House Fast in Phoenix?

When buyers walk into your home they must be able to see themselves living there. Remove most pictures, collections of whatnots, hunting, and fishing trophies. The house should have a neutral feeling. Repaint in neutral colors. Your bright red wall in the living room may suit your personality, but it will be distracting for buyers.

Add a light air freshener, but nothing overpowering. You don’t want to appear you are hiding odors. If possible send pets to a friend’s home for a while. Buyers don’t appreciate seeing dog food and cat food bowls in the kitchen and cat litter boxes in the bathtub!. The house needs to look AND smell fresh and clean.



#7 Who is your target buyer?

Think about removing wallpaper and borders. Wallpaper usually dates a home. Takedown loud curtains and drapes. These can be dust catchers, block the light from coming in, and often distract buyers.

#8  Is it Important to Make Small Repairs?

Walkthrough your house with a critical eye. Is there a spot or two in need of a touch up of paint? Open and close windows and doors and make sure the hardware works and is clean. Repair nicks on doors, baseboards, and walls.

#9 Do I Have To Make the House Available for Buyers?

Buyers often go out with their agents to look at several houses. They want to see as many as possible on an outing. They may have arranged for a babysitter or taken time off work. Serious sellers make their house available for buyers to see at the buyer’s convenience.

This may not be convenient for you at dinner time, but if you want to sell your house you need to be flexible. As a Realtor, nothing is more frustrating for buyers as when a house can only be shown from 12N – 2 PM on Tuesdays and Fridays.

14 Tips To Sell A House Fast in Phoenix

#10 Should I Give my House a gender-neutral feel to Sell My House Fast?

You are planning to move, so take this opportunity to declutter and rearrange rooms so a buyer isn’t overwhelmed by heavy dark furniture or bright pink curtains. The buyer for your house could be male or female, so go with neutral colors.


14 Tips To Sell A House Fast in Phoenix

#11 Should I Focus on the Kitchen to Sell My House Fast?

Clean all but perhaps a coffee maker from your counters. Put away all those appliances we keep out for convenience. You want to show the prospective buyer how much counter space is in your kitchen. Ensure all cabinets are clean and no feel of accumulated grease is on the doors.

Buyers will open up the oven, microwave, drawers, and cupboards. If you are including the refrigerator in the sale, they will be looking in there too. If you have a pantry, be sure items are neatly lined up and it appears there is plenty of room! Remove any appliances or rolls of paper towels from the floor.

Be sure all appliances are sparkling clean! Put away the trash can or at a minimum be sure you empty the trash. Remove the collection of magnets from your refrigerator.

Here are more Tips To Sell A House Fast in Phoenix

14 Tips To Sell A House Fast in Phoenix

#12 Should I Focus on the Bathrooms to Sell My House Fast?

– Clean off the counters except for a few items, ie a basket, porcelain jars, etc. Buyers don’t want to see your toothbrush, half-squeezed tube of toothpaste, the collection of combs, brushes, curling irons, and hair dryers. Yes, we all have these in our bathrooms, but how can buyers see themselves getting ready for the day looking at your personal items? Be sure the sinks, fixtures, and glass shower doors and walls are sparkling. Replace broken or cracked tiles, be sure all caulking is fresh and clean. Ensure cabinets and closets are decluttered. Minimize the bottles of #shampoo, conditioner and body wash in the shower. Hang fresh towels that match.

#13 Do I need to Organize Children’s Rooms to Sell A House Fast?

You can’t store away all of the toys in your child’s room, but you can take this opportunity, since you are moving, to donate or share toys they have outgrown. Box unused toys and place them in a closet or storage. Again, if your children’s room isn’t big enough for toys, the buyer may think the same for their children. An assortment of bins helps contain many things and looks organized.

And, finally, the last of the 14 Tips To Sell A House Fast in Phoenix

#14 How Do I Make my house “Showing Friendly”?

Now that you have decluttered and cleaned you are ready to welcome prospective home buyers! Turn on all the lights in the house, and in summer include ceiling fans. Open all the curtains and blinds so the house is light and bright. Remove pets when possible.  Pets are unhappy with strangers in their homes.  It is difficult for buyers to really look at a house when a dog is kenneled and barks the whole time they are in the house.

Put away pet dishes, toys, and litter boxes. Put on soft music to set a relaxing atmosphere. Consider setting your dining room table. A bouquet of flowers always makes a home feel welcoming. Turn on any pool or water features outside.


These  14 Tips To Sell A House Fast in Phoenix will help set you up for a successful home sale and help you sell for top dollar. Most are inexpensive to do and do not take too much time. Buyers can often overlook aspects of a home that needs updating, but rarely can they overlook a dirty house. If a house looks to be in disrepair, they will wonder what problems may exist that they can’t see.


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14 Tips To Sell A House Fast in Phoenix

14 Tips To Sell A House Fast in Phoenix

13 Tips To Sell A House Fast in Phoenix
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13 Tips To Sell A House Fast in Phoenix
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