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Hiking Camelback Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona

Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona is a key focal point of the valley.  This mountain gets its name from the rock formations which resemble the shape of the hump and head of a kneeling camel. I have often been asked, What is the elevation of Phoenix Arizona? This city of Phoenix is at an elevation of 1086 Feet.  Hiking Camelback Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona is a local and tourist favorite!

There are Camelback Mountain trails for hiking at Camelback Mountain.  The first is Echo Canyon and the second is Cholla Canyon.  Additionally, the Camelback mountain has an elevation of 2707 Feet and is in the Phoenix Mountain range

This area is known for hiking the Camelback Mountain trails. There are many world-class resorts located around this mountain. Also, a camelback mountain hike is a must-do for many visitors and local Phoenicians year-round.



?  Take Plenty of Water

As we go into the summer months, be sure to take plenty of water with you for your Camelback Mountain hike!  Both Camelback Mountain trails can be dangerous without adequate water! While the elevation of Camelback Mountain trails is only 2707, the temperatures

?️  What is the average temperature in Phoenix?

Month Low High
Jan 43.4°F 65.0°F
Feb 47.0°F 69.4°F
Mar 51.1°F 74.3°F
Apr 57.5°F 83.0°F
May 66.3°F 91.9°F
Jun 75.2°F 102.0°F
Jul 81.4°F 104.2°F
Aug 80.4°F 102.4°F
Sept 74.5°F 97.4°F
Oct 62.9°F 86.4°F
Nov 50.0°F 73.3°F
Dec 43.5°F 65.0°F

Phoenix’s coldest month is January when the average temperature overnight is 43.4°F. In July, the warmest month, the average day time temperature rises to 104.2°F.


⛰️  Echo Canyon – Hiking Camelback Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona

Echo Canyon Trail - Camelback Mountain Phoenix

The Echo Canyon recreation area is located between Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Paradise Valley.  Parking is available for Echo Canyon but you will want to arrive early in the morning to get a parking spot.  Also, a Camelback Mountain hike is very popular with the local valley residents and tourists alike.

Be sure you have plenty of water and are dressed for the heat!  Also, expect the hike to take 2 – 3 hours to go up and back.  Unfortunately, often hikers overestimate their hiking ability and need to be rescued from the mountain.   Other hikers get injured on the rocky terrain.  Occasionally, hikers miscalculate the time needed to get back down the mountain and need to be rescued!

Saguaro cactus Phoenix Az


?  What to see on the Echo Canyon Trail, Phoenix, Arizona

Trailhead – located at  4925 E McDonald Dr, Phoenix, Az

1.2 miles out and back again!

The trailhead has restrooms and water.  Don’t forget to take plenty of water for your hike for a Camelback Mountain hike.

Difficulty – This is a difficult hiking trail.  You will find a steep and rocky trail. Some areas require the use of handrails to reach the top

When you make the climb, you will be rewarded with an amazing view of the Phoenix and Scottsdale area.  While hiking, you will see the Saguaro Cactus the Sonoran Desert is noted for

rattle snake on trail

If you are hiking in the spring, you will see the huge white flowers on the Saguaro cactus.   You will also see the Ocotillo cactus. If you are planning a Camelback Mountain hike in the spring, you will see the beautiful orange flowers springing forth from the Ocotillo.,

Don’t miss the Palo Verde, Cholla, Barrel Cactus, and the Creosote Bush. Spring hiking rewards hikers with many desert flowers.  Hikers will find the Echo Canyon trail a bit steeper than the Cholla Canyon Trail.



?  What time does Echo Canyon Trail open?

When does the Echo Canyon Trail open?



You may also enjoy reading about Things to Know Before Going to the Phoenix Zoo.

Since the Phoenix Zoo is located near Camel Back Mountain, you also enjoy reading about Cruising the Zoo.   Add this to your list of places to hike near the Phoenix Zoo or places to hike near Scottsdale, Az.

?‍?‍?  What is the population of Phoenix, Arizona?

The Phoenix metro area has a population of 4.8 million people, this is up 20% from 2005!  This means there will be more folks wanting to take a Camelback Mountain hike.

What is the time in Phoenix?

?  Here are some safety tips from the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department and Fire Department.

















?️  What is the annual rainfall in Phoenix?


Average Rainfall for Phoenix, Arizona

Month Precipitation
Jan 0.83in.
Feb 0.77in.
Mar 1.07in.
Apr 0.25in.
May 0.16in.
Jun 0.09in.
Jul 0.99in.
Aug 0.94in.
Sept 0.75in.
Oct 0.79in.
Nov 0.73in.
Dec 0.92in.

The driest month in Phoenix is June with 0.09 inches of precipitation, and with 1.07 inches March is the wettest month.

Camelback Mountain is conveniently located in a convenient location.  This is easily accessible throughout the Phoenix Metro area.  This is easily one of the best hikes in Scottsdale, best hikes near Tempe.

⛰️  What to see on the Cholla Canyon Trail When Hiking Camelback Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona

Cholla trail on Camelback Mountain Phoenix

Trailhead – located at 6131 E Cholla Ln, Paradise Valley, Az

1.5 miles out and back

This trailhead DOES NOT have restrooms or water.  Again, be sure to come prepared for a Camelback Mountain hike.

Difficulty – Very challenging trail. It starts out fairly easy but the last 1/3 of the trail is more difficult and requires climbing over large boulders.

This trail covers 1.42 miles and ascends to about 1250 feet.  Look for rocks and loose gravel on the trail.  Plan on 2 – 3 hrs round trip to complete your hike.  Add some time if you plan to take in the views for a while.
The trail provides a great Photo opportunity.  You may need more time for your hike if you plan on throughout the hike for pictures.  Perhaps a bit more time is needed if you plan to go at a slower pace.
In addition to the brush and cactus similar to the Echo Canyon trail, be on the look for wildlife!  Hikers frequently see Quail, Hawks, roadrunners, Squirrels, and Chuckwallas.
  Remember, you are hiking in the desert, so there is always a chance for a rattlesnake or two!
Dogs are not allowed on the trails, so please leave them at home!

⛰️ Is Echo Canyon or Cholla Canyon Harder?

Consider hiking both and you decide!  The Echo Canyon Trail is 1.23 miles one way to the mountain summit. 
The Cholla Trail is 1.6 miles one way to the mountain summit.  Also, both hikes have the same hike rating, The Locals think the Cholla Canyon hike is a bit easier – you decide!.

❓  How long does it take to hike Camelback Mountain Arizona?

The time it takes to hike either trail depends on the hiker.  Also, is the hiker in good condition?  The average time for both trails is 2 1/2 hours.  Additionally, many folks like to stop and take in the great views,  The first 2/3 of the hike is fairly easy.

The most difficulty comes in the last 1/3 of the hike.  Again, the hiker’s condition determines the amount of time to complete the hike.  It is highly recommended to start early in the day to avoid the Phoenix heat!


?  Do you have to pay to hike Camelback Mountain?

There is no cost to hike Camelback Mountain.


?️  What are the 10 Best Restaurants Near Camelback Mountain?

After a great hike, folks are ready to eat! The Phoenix area near Camelback Mountain has several great restaurant options.


See Trip Advisor’s Top 10 Restaurants near Camelback Mountain.


While hiking is a major draw for many visitors to the Phoenix area, the resorts in Phoenix are amazing!



?  Check out the Camelback Mountain Resort!

Location: 5700 E McDonald Dr, Paradise Valley, AZ

You won’t want to leave the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa.  The luxury accommodations provide the ultimate comfort in resort living.  Enjoy a spacious casita, a suite, or an exclusive villa.  All accommodations are situated with an amazing view of Paradise alley. Dine in the award-winning restaurants on the property or explore area dining.

The spa at the resort is one of the top destinations spas in the US.


?  Phoenix Homes on the Market in the last 7 days  $250,000 – $350,000


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Hiking Camelback Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona
Hiking Camelback Mountain, Phoenix,  Arizona
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