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How to Stage a Kitchen to Sell A House in Arizona

When buyers are looking at a home, the kitchen is a key focus.  So, knowing How to Stage a Kitchen to Sell A House in Arizona is important to all sellers.  We all spend time in our kitchens and it is often the gathering place for family and guests.


What to buyers notice first?  They notice the size of the kitchen and the layout. They focus on the countertops, workspace on the counters, and cabinet space.  Do they see themselves entertaining here?  Is there enough storage space? They look see if they can visualize their family living day to day in your house. 

How do you make sure buyers find your kitchen inviting?  Keep in mind that the house you live in is not the house yo put on the market.  You live and entertain in your home surrounded by your family pictures and memories.  Buyers coming into your home need to see how they can make their own memories in your home, so declutter and depersonalize.

#1 Appliances – Ovens,  Stoves, and Refrigerators

In Arizona, the stove, built-in microwave, and dishwasher convey with the house.  The seller decides whether the refrigerator, washer, and dryer also convey with the house.  Start with the refrigerator.  Remove the boxes of cereal and plastic containers from the top of the refrigerator.

Remove the magnets from the front and side of the refrigerator. Again, the buyers need to visualize their families living there, not yours.  While you are at the refrigerator, clean it out and wipe out all the shelves and surfaces. Be sure doors to the refrigerator and handles are clean and sparkling.

Whether you are including the refrigerator with the sale of the house, there is a very good chance the buyer will still open it up.  Seeing a  refrigerator crammed full of old dishes and packaging conveys the idea that there isn’t much storage room in the house.

Next tackle the stove.  If you have a flat surface cooktop, be sure it is smooth and free of food stains or food buildup.  Clean the oven.  Even if you have a self-cleaning oven you will need to wipe out the inside after the cleaning turns off.  Use a toothbrush to clean around the handle to dislodge any grim.  Be sure the knobs for the burners are clean along with the stove area around the knobs.

#2 Appliances – Dishwashers, disposal, and Microwaves

How to Stage a Kitchen to Sell A House in Arizona

Don’t forget your dishwasher. While your dishwasher cleans dishes, food and soap can build up inside the dishwasher and cause odors.  Be sure to clean around the inside of the door and gasket.  If your baskets are corroded, consider replacing damaged roller shelves. Run the dishwasher empty to on the longest cycle to clean the insides.

The garbage disposal is another area that can harbor odors.   Put some baking soda down the disposal.  Add a lemon rind and give it a whirl to freshen up the disposal.

We all know a microwave is a great appliance for heating coffee or other liquids.  We also know how much food spatters inside a microwave.  Once food spatters, if it isn’t wiped up immediately, the heat bakes it on the top and walls of the interior of the microwave.

Be sure the inside of the microwave and turntable is spotless.  Nothing is more of a turn off than someone else’s dirty appliances. Check under the microwave and if you have removable vents, remove and clean them.  Often these can go in the dishwasher.

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#3 Cabinets and Countertops are Key to Stage a Kitchen to Sell

Typically the first thing a buyer will see is the countertops. Declutter the kitchen starting with the countertops.  You can leave a coffee pot on the counter, but the rest needs to go.  This includes the can opener, hot pot, cookbooks, slow cooker, set of knives, canisters, all must go!

Buyers need to visualize themselves living and cooking your kitchen.  There is no better way for buyers to visualize themselves in your kitchen than having them see a blank slate.  If you have appliances and food items on the counter, the kitchen screams lack of space!  

Add a colorful bowl of fruit for a fresh splash of color. Be sure the countertops, counter edges, and around the sink sparkle.  

Wipe off all the cabinets.  Use good quality wood polish to make them shine.  If your cabinets are not in good repair, consider painting them.  Today white cabinets are very much in style.

Also, consider adding nice hardware to the cupboards and drawers.  Wipe out the inside of the cabinets and drawers. You can be sure buyers will be opening and closing cabinets and drawers. Clean out cabinets showing you have plenty of storage.

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#4 Kitchen Sink – How to Stage a Kitchen to Sell A House

How to Stage a Kitchen to Sell A House in Arizona

How to stage a kitchen? Take a look at your kitchen sink.  Be sure to deep clean around the sink and caulk if necessary.  Does the faucet drip or leak?  If so, consider replacing it with a modern, yet inexpensive faucet.  Check under the sink.

Be sure there are no leaks under the sink.  Leaking and dripping faucets tell a buyer you are not maintaining the home.  Active leaks can also lead to the growth of mold.  Buyers will certainly do a home inspection, and the home inspector will definitely find the leaks, so fix them as soon as you find them.

Clean out the drain.  Check out your faucets.  If the water doesn’t run smoothly, use CLR to get rid of any calcium build-up on the faucet.  When thinking about how to Stage a Kitchen to Sell A House in Arizona, think Clean, Clean, Clean!

#5 Organize your Drawers and Cupboards

Buyers will be opening cabinets and drawers.  Be sure your cabinets are organized and excess dishes are put in storage.  If dishes are overflowing out of your cabinets, it tells the buyer this house doesn’t have sufficient storage.  If you don’t have enough storage, the buyers probably won’t either. Have all your coffee cup handles facing the same direction.

Alphabetize your spices.  Buyers will think you are meticulous,  not only in your kitchen but with the overall maintenance of the home.

#6 Kitchen Table, Chairs and Bar Stools

How to Stage a Kitchen to Sell A House? Avoid the temptation of putting a tablecloth on the kitchen table.  Polish the table, including the table legs, chairs, and chair legs.  Use placements on the table and set the table with an attractive silverware, plates, and glasses.

Make the setting inviting so buyers can see themselves gathering and entertaining. Limit the chairs around your table to four chairs, so that the room doesn’t look too small.  Consider taking out any table leaves so the room feels open.

#7 Windows and Lights are Important to Stage a Kitchen to Sell

How to Stage a Kitchen to Sell A House in Arizona

Kitchens need to be bright and light.  Be sure to wash the windows inside and outside.  If you live in Arizona where dark sunscreens are often used, remove the sunscreens while the house is on the market. Consider removing curtains or valances over windows.  These can block light and you want this room to be bright and light.

Dust off all light fixtures and ceiling fans.  Consider updating lights if possible.  Put in bright light bulbs and be sure all bulbs are working.  Burned out bulbs look like the home isn’t well maintained.  Also, buyers don’t know if only a bulb is burned out or the light is broken.  Be sure all light switches are clean and free of dirt or grime.

#8 Kitchen Flooring – How to Stage a Kitchen to Sell A House

How to stage a kitchen? Be sure your kitchen floor is bright and clean.  Scrub the crout or consider having the grout professionally cleaned.  Be sure the baseboards are clean.  If there are marks on the baseboards, consider painting the baseboards so they appear fresh and clean.

#9 Kitchen Doors

Most kitchens have doors to the patio area.  Be sure these are clean and shiny!  Wipe all door surfaces from top to bottom.  If you have a sliding door, clean inside of the sliding track.  These often hold dirt or pet hair.

So, as you get your home ready to sell, keep in mind that kitchens are the focal point of most homes and a great kitchen is a high priority for most home buyers.  Buyers can see past a house that needs some updating, but they can’t see past houses that are dirty.

If buyers feel your home isn’t clean,  they will likely think you are maintaining your home well.  Knowing your kitchen is going to be a top priority to a buyer, you would be wise to spend some extra time and money to make the room memorable!  How to Stage a Kitchen to Sell A House in Arizona will help you present your home in the best possible light!

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How to Stage a Kitchen to Sell A House in Arizona




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